10 prisoners at Raymond Nazi detention Camp are going on strike

By:Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Palestine: Ten prisoners in “Raymond” Nazi Camp, today, Sunday, launched an open-ended hunger strike, in protest at the conditions in the Camp sections and the prisoners live in these days.

The Radio of the Prisoners Radio quoted the director of the Prisoners Club, Abdel-Al Al-Anani, as saying that 10 of the Raymond Nazi Camp prisoners had started a hunger strike, refusing to continue isolating the two prisoners “Omar Kharwat and Hatem Al-Qawasmeh.”

The strike step comes as a rejection of the prison administration procedures that it imposed on the prisoners recently, and its continuation. The Occupation Prison Administration refused to release the prisoners whose sentences had expired or were about to end.

The Ofer Nazi Camp administration also transferred the nine prisoners who had been quarantined, who had been in contact with the editor, who was infected with the Corona virus, Noureddine Sarsour, without taking samples from them. 

Prisoners in the occupation prisons face dramatic circumstances that multiply in light of fears of the spread of Corona virus infection.

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