Saleh Vows to Return to Yemen Soon

NOVANEWS US Urges ‘Immediate’ Transition of Power to Acting Ruler Long-time Yemeni dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh dismissed the notion that his retreat to Saudi Arabia for surgery was a permanent move, insisting he would […]

Yemen’s Power Vacuum and Transition Prospects

NOVANEWS   John Glaser   Yemen’s current head of state, Vice President Abedrabo Mansur Hadi, has rejected offers to negotiate an transitional government until President Saleh returns from Saudi Arabia where he is receiving medical treatment for […]

Fighting grips Yemen as Saleh orders arrests

Security forces in the Yemeni capital battled heavily armed supporters of the country’s most powerful triballeader on Thursday as President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered the tribesman’s arrest. The leader, Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar, in turn accused Saleh […]

Yemen: Backing away from Saleh, slowly

NOVANEWS by crescentandcross     Ed note–We here at The Ugly Truth predicted more than a month ago that the US–despite making the appearance of supporting Saleh, would eventually abandon him. The reason we were able to make […]