The U.S War in Afghanistan

NOVANEWS   A pivotal piece in the strategy for the Middle East/South Asia   When Barack Obama was running for president he was presented as the anti-war candidate. But in its first days in office, […]

War and profit

NOVANEWS   Deciphering what it means to be in the U.S. military By Michael Prysner   We join the military for many different reasons. Some of us want to have access to a college education. […]

Meet your boss: Robert Gates

NOVANEWS   Who is deciding your fate?   Celebrating a successful business deal at Oshkosh Corp., Gates signs an armored vehicle in which soldiers will likely die. The decisions to send us to risk life […]

Zionist Mossad And 9/11

NOVANEWS Police Report of the Zionist Mossad officers Arrested on 9/11 *  Chi e f   *  EAST  RUTHERFORD  POLICE  DEPARTMENT  Te l ephone  John  R  LaGr e c a   312  Grove   St r e e […]