NZ PM keeps mum on espionage allegations

NOVANEWS John Key confirms IsraHelli victims of Christchurch quake sparked SIS interest, but says so far there are ‘no evidence they were anything other than backpackers’ New Zealand Prime Minister John Key downplayed reports of […]

Europe in Full Collapse

NOVANEWS Italy and Spain must pray for a miracle by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard UK Telegraph Once again Europe’s debt crisis has metastasized, and once again the financial authorities face systemic contagion unless they take immediate and dramatic […]


NOVANEWS July 30, 2010  by Gordon Duff The Tragic Death of a Night Porter …what possesses greater intrinsic value? Maintaining the mainstream version of the Holocaust at any cost, or the life of a single […]


NOVANEWS This is from the Scots Palestine Solidarity website:  A Written statement (30 Mar 2010) by Jerusalem Quartet in response to disruption of their Wigmore Hall concert the day before states: “The demonstrators were mistaken […]