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NOVANEWS Foreign Secretary comments on new EU sanctions against Syria 24 June 2011 Foreign Secretary William Hague said the EU sanctions sent a further clear and unambiguous message to the Syrian authorities. “Today’s EU measures […]

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NOVANEWS Israeli troops respond to kites, clowns and children in Nabi Saleh the only way they know how – with tear gas The loneliness of the (Palestinian) long distance runner ‘This is not my Jerusalem’ […]


Gaza flotilla activists: One of our ships was sabotaged

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NOVANEWS   Haaretz 27.06.2011 Israeli activist says his ship, which is docked in Greece’s Piraeus port, was found with its propeller shaft broken which he believes was a deliberate attempt at sabotage. http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/gaza-flotilla-activists-one-of-our-ships-was-sabotaged-1.369906 By Amira […]