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600 Khazarian cults support Black Lives Matter

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In 2018—yes, 2018—Israel passed “Jewish-only ‘national self-determination’” law …by Jonas E. Alexis The Jewish News Syndicate has recently put out an article entitled, “600 Jewish groups sign full-page ad supporting Black Lives Matter.” It states: “We speak with […]


War on Terror: Zionist Profiteers

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War on Terror: Israeli Profiteers The Arlington, Virginia based CACI International has reincarnated itself under various names since it was founded in 1962 by Harry Markowitz, the 1990 Nobel laureate for Economics.[1] Presently, it employs 9500 […]


Facebook hires an Zionist censor

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I wonder how many people are still in denial that Israel owns us. Sometimes I get the feeling that too many people don’t even care. Even if they love Israel for [misguided] religious purposes, or […]