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Why Does Netanyahu keep Winning?

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by Gilad Atzmon A few days ahead of the previous Israeli election, Haaretz’s lead writer Anshel Pfeffer,  authored a spectacular analysis of Israel’s current political deadlock: Israelis are going to the polls to decide whether they are ‘Jews’ […]


Naziyahu fails to form a government

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Netanyahu fails to form a government None of the alternatives is willing to halt Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinian people. Proletarian writers “The deal of the century” is how Donald Trump referred to his son-in-law Jared […]


Election shock: Nazism wins again

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Israeli election shock: Zionism wins again The true face of Israeli ‘democracy’ is revealed at the Gaza border fence. Proletarian writers On 9 April, Israel elected a new Knesset (parliament), giving prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s […]